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The OKR Circle offers an OKR tool developed and supported by and for the Community of the OKR Circle.
OKR software: The right mindset is decisive and not the software.
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There are a number of OKRs software. Basically, they support companies in managing their objectives and key results, tracking and simplifying collaboration around their OKRs.

When asked which software or technical support is the right solution, the following points at the higher level must be taken into account:
The right mindset is decisive and not the software or the technical solution. The top priority is to keep OKRs in place where our employees spend most of work time. This means that regular use is a top priority, and above all it is to be avoided that another information silo is opened.

It is essential that the software - regardless of the business - ensures to keep all employees on the same page. Above all, it should ensure that alignment, accountability and transparency across the organization is created.

The OKR software enables organizations to create team and entire company goals effortlessly so that team and collaborative objectives can be set with ease. OKR software also provides the facility to set the status of objectives on a weekly basis so that it becomes easy to get in touch with their progress.

Main features are the daily check-in to let anyone in your organization give the ideal level of detail on their daily activities to build awareness, trust and transparency. It also provides you the ability to track and measure the progress of your goals and help you to keep everyone aligned by sharing the same objectives. A feature that is most underestimated so far, is the announcement of the achievements. Especially learnings achieved deserve to be shared and celebrated in the OKR world.

OKRs are there to learn and grow. OKR software is there to provide technical support for organizations in this way of learning and growing. Depending on how organizations want to go this way and depending on how far they are on this way, different ok software are available. There is the possibility to start in MVP mode. Organizations can easily use a Sheet of Google Drive and commenting results in feedback's meeting with the document. Especially when implementing OKRs in the organization, it is a good idea to keep things simple at first. Before the organization invest in technology that automates the process, keep everything pretty low-tech for a time. This procedure can help, so that by the time the organization streamline everything it will help to intimately understand the process. After a amount of learnings and the need of more effectiveness, the organization can use a decent OKR software. This software is specifically designed to accommodate all the needs and providing an engaged workforce and exponential growth.

There are some points that distinguish really good software and that strongly support the success of organizations in dealing with objective and key results. Therefore, the OKR Circle decided to develop an OKR software together with the OKR Community for the OKR Community based on the following framework:

  1. the OKR software is developed together with the Community of the OKR Circle. The basic conviction here is to allow inputs from the Community to flow in, to get different thoughts regarding what works best for working with OKRs.
  2. the OKR Circle software can be used free of charge by active members of the OKR Circle Community
  3. the software of the OKR Circle enables direct support from the Community of the OKR Circle to be obtained.
  4. the software of the OKR Circle is providing the right integration options so that organization can integrate it with their tools and update the OKR progress without any hassle.
  5. the OKR software is developed lean and iterative.
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