The OKR Circle: we support people who change the world of organizations so that organizations can change the world.
We are uncovering better ways of setting focus by doing it and helping others do it. Our endeavors and our activities are based on the OKR Manifesto.

We are pushing the practice of OKR through open standards and specifications of objective and key results. The OKR Circle is based on the Community which enables outcome oriented working in organizations by providing resources, exchange, software and last but not least education.

We have worked intensively with OKRs in recent years. Be it for the management of companies in which we were employed or also in the daily work in our own company. We have also intensively supported various companies in the introduction of objectives and key results.
We now want to bring our experience and know-how to the OKR Circle and make the creation and processing of OKRs - whether at the group, SME or startup - even easier and more tangible.
Meet our first members
We work every day to provide value to the Community of the OKR Circle.
Urs Baumgartner
I pick up people, teams and organizations where they are at the moment and accompany them on their next steps into a sustainable future. I have been an OKR user, coach and trainer since 2016. Working together towards a great vision motivates me and OKR as an agile framework supports me optimally.
Jonathan Abplanalp
My passion is to support organizations, teams or people, to use new ways of working and to develop new ways of thinking. I have been working as an OKR coach since 2019. Formulating goals together and keeping them transparent across the entire company motivates me intrinsically and spurs me on.
Isa Steiner
My passion is to set up and look after self-organized agile teams that transfer qualitative software to productive environments several times a day. OKRs ensure that the best talents achieve top performance through focus and high motivation.
Constantin Hilt
Working with highly motivated people in a team and in projects to lead the respective organization one step closer to a positive future is my passion. I have been working with OKRs since 2016. They are the key for me to make organizations better evolutionary and adaptive through the people who work in teams.
Marcel Eyer
I love trying out new ideas and working in a motivated and self-determined environment. Through Constantin and Urs I got to know and love OKRs. I have always advocated transparency and personal responsibility and have made myself strong in companies.
Ramun Hofmann
I like to reconcile people, methods and technology.
Together with Constantin, I was able to accompany a large Swiss company with OKR for a year. I am fascinated by how easily OKR can be introduced and what effect they have.
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